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In the not so long ago past, there was a man, who shall, for the sake of argument, go by the name of dave, just dave (geddit?) he had a dream, to be a DJ – to share music with others, and so he set forth on his short, but thoroughly enjoyable journey of decks, tunes, munters, sunsets and sunrises. The fruits of this young man’s labour are scattered across the four corners of the globe – mixes downloaded and distributed via the wondrous world wide web; the product of epic trainwrecking, fine tuned with kindred spirits in a world of trance. Plot, lost; probably. Sense of humour; occasionally. Love of music; always.

I wrote that blurb such a long time ago now and it’s scary how quickly time passes you by when you start to get older. A quick look down the Gigs page and you’ll see it’s been a long time since I played a club. I’ve played at parties since mind, some of them of epic proportions, but they’ve been few and far between. But I’m not here to dwell on the past, that’s not what zeropitch is for; This place is my spot on the ‘net, not the bricks ‘n’ mortar real world; this place has always been about having a ‘permanent record’ of my exploits, lest I forget, and a home for my mixes. I may also post random thoughts which may or may not cause offence – for that you have been warned!! 😉

So sit back, download the mixes, post feedback on the posts, find me on twitter or facebook. I’m here to enjoy myself. You should too.

Just dave