Saturday Matinee

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So, someone well and truly reverted to type didn’t they…. from 4 mixes in the space of a few months, to one in almost a year.. whoops.

So, what have I brought for your listening (dis)pleasure this time? More house? – nope. Tech? – nope. It’s a 140 stomper of a psy/hard trance mix. No fussing, no messing, this cd sized (remember them..) mix is packed from start to finish with some pretty filthy tuneage from the record box.

I could witter on, or you could download it from here, or stream it from here

The tracklist goes a little something like this..

  1. The Devil’s Gates of Heaven – John 00 Fleming & Roby M Rage
  2. Argo – The Digital Blonde
  3. Phaethon (Original Mix) – Micky Noise
  4. Cloud 9 (Oraw Remix) – Yahel & Tammy
  5. Akasha – Tim Bourne
  6. Crowd Control (Original Mix) – Ectima & E-Clip
  7. Hope (Original Mix) – Micky Noise
  8. Piledriver (Greg Downey Remix) – Amoeba Assassin
  9. Synthetic Fury (Original Mix) – Angry Man
  10. Bullet in the Gun (Timelapse by Marco V Remix) – Planet Perfecto
  11. Grim Reaper (Original Mix) – Indecent Noise
  12. Panic Room – David Forbes
  13. No Kontrol (Original Mix) – Adam Foley
  14. Droid (F.G. Noise Remix) – Jordan Suckley
  15. Medic (Audiofire Remix) – Jordan Suckley
  16. Numero Uno (Indecent Noise AcidFest Remix) – Lisa Lashes