Mac Attack

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After many, many, many, many hours of faffing with the laptop, and losing untold mixes to a spike in acpi.sys – a Mac has finally been purchased. It’s not been… Read more »

Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue

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We’re gonna’ Lockdown2…… a flood of meme’s inspired by the situation that the UK currently finds itself in, induced an ear worm so compelling, I named a mix after it!!… Read more »

Confused dot com

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September 2020, and the shit show that is the ‘rona rules just keeps getting harder to fathom. Go out, but don’t go out, while making face, to wash your space…. Read more »

Underwater Part 1

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What can I say? We landed back in the UK after two weeks in Ibiza, and it’s done nothing but fucking rain while we’ve been back. Everything’s wet. Nothing will… Read more »

Slow Burner

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Well, well, well. A new mix, already, and it’s not even the end of the year – will miracles never cease? This is an original style “Just dave” warm up… Read more »

Saturday Kitchen

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Happy New Year (belatedly). Hope the festive period was kind to you, and you’re over the indigestion, and relentless heartburn too much turkey, and booze, can cause! With the holiday’s… Read more »